Triathlon Race Week.

Race-week Preparation

All your training has brought you to a week from race day. Now you’re wondering should I train harder than ever, or give myself a rest?

Allow us to assist.

Step 1: Make sure you have booked your race with us to ensure your tri bike arrives in perfect condition. Perhaps you’d like to add a pre-race service too?

Step 2: Prepare your clothing and your equipment. Making sure everything down to your socks fit perfectly and won’t hinder your performance.

Step 3: Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep. Don’t underestimate the value of good quality sleep before the triathlon. Magnesium supplements can improve sleep if your nerves seem to be getting the better of you.

Step 4: Eat, but don’t overeat. The temptation to eat heavily in the run up to race might creep in but eat as you normally would because you shouldn’t be training strenuously at this time.

Step 5: Pack your bag intuitively. Don’t overpack because you’re anxious, but certainly don’t under pack. Essentials like your tri suit, socks, sunglasses, sports gels and bars are key. But don’t underestimate the power of packing safety pins! Thank us later…

Step 6: Enjoy every second. Remember, all the build up to the race can lead you into a state of autopilot. Take a deep breath and acknowledge the success of getting this far.

Triathlon Race Week.
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